Free Playstation Plus Games for February 2017

Every month one of my questions I ask myself is “Which games are going to be free on Xbox One and Playstation 4?” A lot of times, I end up disappointed, and it’s a mental battle between “We should get better games!” and “They don’t have to give us games, so I should be happy to get what I get.” This month I’ve found myself inbetween those two arugements because we are getting FIVE games for the Playstation 4 thanks to cross-play on the Playstation VITA. Here are the games Playstation 4 owners will get for free this month if they are subscribed to Playstation Plus.

Playstation 4:
LittleBigPlanet 3
Not a Hero
Starwhal via cross buy
Ninja Senki DX via cross buy
TorqueL via cross buy

If you are a person who either has chosen not to upgrade yet or just still has a Playstation 3 sitting around collecting dust (like myself), you will recieve.

Playstation 3:
Anna –  Extended Edition

Many of these games are small indie titles like most months on Playstation Plus. Starwhal boasting a 92% approval rating on Steam focusing on a unique and fun multiplayer experience. Not a Hero comes in a little lower at an 87% overall approval rating on Steam, giving the players a graphic bit-style action shooter that looks interesting to play on an afternoon and then I would probably never tough again. Ninja Senki DX has not gotten overall favorable reviews sitting at 68% on Steam displaying NES-style graphics and gameplay blending a bit of Mario and Ninja Gaiden together to make an old-school action platformer.

I’m not necessarily disappointed with this batch of games, but not seeing a serious and semi-recent triple A title on the list is always a bummer. Oh well. I’ll have fun with what is here and fingers are once again crossed for next month!

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