More Reasons to be Leery of the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the big new “home” console from Nintendo and is set to be released on March 3rd, 2017. The hype is extremely high as the console boasts a seemless transition between being a “home” console and handheld gaming device. Pre-orders are already sold out at all retailers (another problem with Nintendo we can talk about at a later date). Not even 24 hours after its unveiling, Nintendo fanboys flocked to the stores to have it on day one. Nintendo consoles have always been family oriented with the ability for up to four players to crowd around the television to play the latest Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.

One of the biggest issue I have with the Switch is it is highly doubtful the new console will support 3-4 player cooperative play. Because the system runs solely off of the tablet, one could come the the conclusion that because of the tablet’s screen size, there is no way they would program the ability to cut that screen four ways. It would be absurdly small. Even in all of the promotional trailers up to this point, they have only shown two players playing on a Switch at the same time. In my opinion, this is a major step backwards, and marketing the Switch as primarily a “home” console is an incorrect, awful idea.

The fact that the console will be limited as much as it is because of the ability to be a handheld, in my opinion, makes it a handheld that can be connected to a television, not the other way around. Nintendo’s niche, all gimmicks aside (I’m looking at you motion controls and HD rumble), is that they had fun party games that still supported 4-player couch co-op. The fact that there are going to force families with more than two kids to either buy two Nintendo Switches, or switch off, leaving children sitting on the couch not actually playing, takes away that niche.

This also makes me question why they are sticking with supporting the Nintendo 3DS, aside from the fact that the 3DS is the only thing that has been making money for the last 4-5 years. If this system is to be looked at as a handheld with the ability to connect to a television (which is the way I choose to view it), then they are competing with themselves in the handheld market. They will be making games for argueably two different handheld devices with no ability (at this point) to crossplay between them. Aside from that, they plan on making 2-3 big mobile games a year now, after the success of Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, and now Fire Emblem Heroes.

Overall, Nintendo has done it again. They have me completely baffled and confused by how they have chosen proceed into the “home” console market. I think the Switch is a great idea in concept and if they were replacing their Nintendo 3DS with it, I would be all over this. The fact that they have chosen this route for the “home” console, has left me confused. Ultimately, I hope it works out, but right now there are more issues I have with the Nintendo Switch than I am excited for it.

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